Packing List

2017lilnh-poemPacking List for Live in Love Retreat

Warm and cool clothes (it can get cool at night)

Comfortable clothes for yoga, hiking, lounging, and/or relaxation

Rain gear, including foot gear (just in case)*

Yoga mat (if you have one – there are not enough mats on the island for all attendees), and if desired, yoga block and yoga blanket

Toiletries (Shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & paste, hair brush, chapstick, contact solution/glasses if applicable)**


Water bottle

Travel coffee mug

Bath towel

Wash cloth

Flashlight or headlamp

Bug repellant

Swimsuit, suntan lotion, & beach towel (camp provides beach chairs)

Journal and favorite pens

Comfy walking shoes

Sleeping bag – optional (we provide wool blankets, pillows, and sheets)

* If rain is expected, please pack your clothing in a plastic bag inside your suitcase to keep articles dry during transport – click here for a current weather report

** Some items are available at the camp store if you forget them!

*** More information about Sandy Island can be found at